What To Expect

How can we help you?

Booking your event... or booking your venue.. 
We make sure it's done right!
We're working FOR you... every step of the way.

Hotels, Holiday Parks, Working Mens Clubs, Pubs and Marquee's.... whatever type of venue, we will always work within your budget and will never surprise you with any hidden costs or fees. 
We take extreme care when it comes to booking events, simply because our name is our reputation, and we stand by our name.
So, we promise you 100% satisfaction from start to finish... 
Piece of mind... it's that simple!

Piece Of Mind...
Every booking is confirmed several times long before the event.
You will receive full confirmation of fee, arrive times and performance schedule.
We'll then supply you with full colour - professional A3 posters if you require.
If your event needs more advertising, then we will also supply you with posters in a suitable format for simple uploading to Facebook... and of course email you the J.pegs.        

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